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oily u zone

22 Jan 2015 … Move over, T-Zone! There’s something new to obsess about! Introducing the U-
Zone—that’s the area …

13 Jun 2016 … When your skin is either dry or oily, taking care of it is a pretty … When you use a
moisturizer for normal skin, it makes your cheeks feel good, but your T-zone looks
like an oil slick.

31 Jul 2017 … Is your skin dry, normal, combination or oily?
… If your skin feels tight it’s likely to be dry while oily skin will feel greasy and shiny all over.
… Typically, large clogged pores around the nose are an indicator of oily skin while people with dry skin will have small pores that …

The skin in the T-zone will often be oily, while the cheeks and other portions of
the face may be dry and cracking.

30 Aug 2016 … Combination skin: Combination skin usually feels oily in the T-zone (the area that
includes your …

21 Feb 2018 … Your t-zone (forehead, down the nose to the chin) is oily, while your cheeks are
dry. Your skin is oilier …

If your entire face is looking shinier compared to this morning, you have oily skin.
If only your T-zone looks shiny but the …

29 May 2017 … If your T-Zone is oily but the rest of your face looks normal or dry, then you have
combination-type skin.

16 Jul 2018 … How to Identify: Your skin is oily, has larger pores, or breaks out in your T-zone (
forehead, nose, chin), …

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