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JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard
and mouse input, so that windows …

JoyToKey enables you to control many softwares (like web games, browsers, office applications or even Windows itself) by using your favorite windows joystick.
Whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will emulate keyboard strokes or mouse inputs based on joystick …

17 Jul 2017 … JoyToKey enables you to control numerous apps, from Web browsers to
Windows Explorer, by using …

11 Nov 2018 … A feature-packed keyboard emulator that enables users to rely on their joysticks for controlling other software solutions and even games.
… Such a program is JoyToKey, a lightweight application especially designed to emulate keystrokes and mouse clicks using the joystick.

JoyToKey is a small application that enables you to configure a video game
controller to be used with practically any …

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