ping script output file

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ping script output file

22 May 2017 … These tweaks were needed to get it to output cleanly to the screen and to a txt file
$Output= @() $names = Get-content …

It will ask for a passphrase, to perform the script … That command will generate
the following files:

15 Aug 2016 … Write script to ping several IP addresses and output which ones don’t …. File 1:

This will create a text file called ping.txt in the Created Folder and output the ping
output to the file. A 24 hour Ping Test …

1. There is a file which contains a list of servers. 2. PowerShell script pings the
servers from that list, parses the output of …

fping -c5 -t50 >>/etc/scripts/ping-results.txt 2>&1. Why are you first
coping /dev/null to the file and then …

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