whatsapp irc bot

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whatsapp irc bot

WhatsApp<->IRC gateway bot. Contribute to stenyak/breakbot development by creating an account on GitHub.

31 Jan 2016 … So I searched for an alternative way of using WhatsApp, since it has some people I would
have trouble contacting otherwise. Since my IRC client is always running (on my server) and is something I …

5 Aug 2017 … WhatsApp Business API Recently, WhatsApp announced the launch of their new Business API which allows
large companies to send non-promotional messages to clients – like reminders about appointments,
information …

7 Sep 2013 … Submit anything pertaining to IRC and the reddit-related channels. Chat quotes
are allowed and encouraged here. Preferably make them in a self post.

Spam Bot Kicker for Mirc and AdiIRC. A simple spambot/bad word kicker for mIRC and AdiIRC. 1) install the
script in your IRC Client 2) right click in channel 3) activate the script from the dialog 4) add or remove …

20 Aug 2018 … whatsapp irc bot. Breakbot. Description. Breakbot is a software that serves as gateway
between several communication protocols. It was started as a way to scratch one of the author’s own itch, i.e. to

19 Jul 2014 … Even if you have no clue what IRC is (it’s an old chat protocoll used for ages, now that we
have facebook and whatsapp it’s rather dead), this bot still improves the chat experience in chaturbate rooms …

Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Whatsapp, Kik, and Slack are all viable options. … We’ve all seen IRC bot’s
before, but how many have you seen that can turn on an LED while running off a cell phone battery?

22 May 2017 … There are over a billion WhatsApp users worldwide right now. The bad news? Your mum has
already found her new favourite way to spam you. The good news? You can easily avoid her on the …

25 Jul 2017 … Facebook has been heavily investing in FB Messenger bots, which allow small businesses
and organizations to create bots to help with customer support and frequently asked questions. Chatbots have

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