whatsapp bot ruby

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whatsapp bot ruby

Ruby Interface to WhatsApp messenger.
… $ gem install whatsapi.
… ### Create a client using the phone number and password “` require ‘whatsapi’ client = WhatsApi::Client.new(phone_number, identity, nickname) client.connect client.login password “`

Contribute to GetStoryline/awesome-bots development by creating an account on GitHub. … BootBot –
Facebook Messenger Bot Framework for Node.js; slack-ruby-bot – A generic Slack bot framework written in
Ruby …

1 Aug 2018 … This Twilio API for Whatsapp quickstart guide has sample code sending Whatsapp messages
with Ruby as well as receiving and replying with Sinatra.

I found a couple of them but I haven’t tried them and the last commit was 3-4 years ago so not
sure if they still work,. https://github.com/ongair/whatsapi · https://github.com/wawandco/whathor.

In a Nutshell, ruby-whatsapp… … has had 20 commits made by 1 contributors representing 214 lines of code …
is mostly written in Ruby with a very low number of source code comments … has a codebase with a …

10 Oct 2015 … Hi everyone! For the first post on my Github’s page I was wondering what could I do to make
something fun and useful, so I end with this idea: make a conversational bot in Ruby on Rails…

Usage. TODO: Write usage instructions here. WhatsApp protocol. missing_password_record and not-
authorized errors. If the account is successfully validated and granted new password, but there is
AuthenticationError …

7 ago. 2016 … Assim nasceu o primeiro bot WhatsApp. Eu investi cerca de 3 meses criando um robô (
chatbot) WhatsApp não oficial (o WhatsApp não oferece integração oficial e eu não gostava disso). O chatbot
de …

Lita is a chat bot written in Ruby. It connects with your favorite chat service and helps keep you efficient while
having fun.

Ruby whatsapp bot gems: rake, nokogiri, jabber-bot, isaac, rbot, whatsapp, cinch, lita-irc, mechanize, em-irc, …,
… and more.Complete list of Ruby gems for whatsapp bot.

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