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whatsapp bot golang

kaxap and Marcel Kocks add check for WhatsApp account existence resolves Rhymen/go-whatsapp/… ….
… Package rhymen/go-whatsapp implements the WhatsApp Web API to provide a clean interface for developers.
Big thanks to all contributors of the sigalor/whatsapp-web-reveng project.

whatsapp-bot-seed. A small python seed to create a Whatsapp Bot, with regex-callback routes (just like a web
framework). (practical extension of the examples on https://github.com/tgalal/yowsup) …

WhatsApp Business API Recently, WhatsApp announced the launch of their new Business API which allows
large companies to send non-promotional messages to clients – like reminders about appointments,
information …

mautrix-whatsapp — A Matrix-WhatsApp puppeting bridge. Similar. 13 ⭐. whatsipp — WhatsApp user’s IP
disclosure with link preview. Similar. 1 ⭐. whatsappanalyzer — It helps to analyze your Whatsapp chat records

15 Dec 2017 … Today we are in the bot era (a while ago actually) but still there, bots are everywhere and
businesses are changing towards micro apps and cognitive bots for B2B andB2C. There are a few libraries to

9 Sep 2017 … Whatsapp! The one medium that can be a major contributor to the success of your business, if
you … The Chatbot Conference On September 12, Chatbot’s Life, will host our first Chatbot Conference in …

9 Feb 2018 … I have been seeing many developers are actively searching for an API for WhatsApp
especially those who are engaged in creating chat bots and other interactive application for their clients or…

27 Jun 2017 … First things first, what is a chatbot? It’s a software that can talk with users on messaging apps,
websites and social media. Messaging apps on China like WeChat were the first to introduce chatbots, and …

Looking for a chatbot maker or bot dev framework? Botpress is an open-source ecosystem for devs to create,
manage & extend JavaScript bots. Learn more now!

7 Jan 2017 … There are various bot development platforms are available , but not all of them are supporting
every … Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are each used regularly by more than one billion people.

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