whatsapp bot for telegram

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whatsapp bot for telegram

11 Jan 2018 … Steps for Setting up WhatsApp Telegram Bridge Using wat-bridge bot and mirror
conversations in whatsapp to telegram and viceversa. Register Telegram bot and setup it with Whatsapp.

20 Mar 2018 … Telegram bots can save you tons of time and help you be more productive. Here are some of
the better … OK, so WhatsApp IS the most widely-used instant messaging app, but it’s certainly not the best.

wat-bridge. Gitter. A bridge between WhatsApp and Telegram. This creates two listeners, one for WhatsApp
and another for a Telegram bot. When the WhatsApp listener receives a message it relays the content to the …

Yes. There is a repository called wat-bridge using which you can connect WhatsApp and
Telegram. wat-bridge will act as a member in a whatsapp group and read all messages and then pass it to …

5 Aug 2017 … WhatsApp Business API Recently, WhatsApp announced the launch of their new Business API which allows
large … You can manage to do that in Telegram, since Telegram explicitly support bots in its platform.

Discuss usage issues, bugs, getting others to use Telegram and any other related
topics. Please use the related subs for matters relating to bots, stickers or NSFW groups.

1 Aug 2018 … Be the first to have a Whatsapp chatbot up and running with Hubtype. … platform such as
Facebook Messenger or Telegram, you won’t need to do anything, your Whatsapp chatbot will just work!

21 Sep 2017 … Business Bots nowadays are becoming trendy on every instant messaging service like
Telegram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype… For the first time ever people are using instant messaging apps more

Utilities bots. Bots.Directory > All Bots > Telegram > Utilities > WhatsApp Mods Bot. WhatsApp Mods Bot.
Utilities. This bot gives you all the WhatsApp related Mods. Grab whatever you like and be up-to-date. Have fun

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