user id telegram bot

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user id telegram bot

17 Jul 2017 … is there a way to get the user id using the username?

As the result, Telegram bots can’t start sending messages to users that didn’t start using the
bot yet! … contact, possibly along with his/hers telegram user_id which is the same thing as the user’s chat id.

Link profile_photo:Photo notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings blocked:Bool real_first_name:string
real_last_name:string = UserFull; —functions— users.getFullUser#ca30a5b1 id:InputUser = UserFull; …

telegram.Bot – Optional. The Bot to use for instance methods. Parameters: id ( int ) – Unique identifier for this user or bot.

Add the Telegram BOT to a group or send a message to your BOT. This is a sample of the response when you add your BOT into a group. Use the “id” of the “chat” object to send your messages.

Discuss usage issues, bugs, getting others to use Telegram and any other related
topics. Please use the related subs for matters relating to bots, stickers or NSFW groups.

Introduction. BotMan makes it simple to access your chatbot user information. Which user fields are available
purely depend on … You can access the user ID using: // Access user $user = $bot->getUser(); // Access …

[telegram] enabled = false url = “” token = “” chat-id = “” parse-mode = “Markdown”
disable-web-page-preview = false … chat-id, string, Telegram user/group ID to post messages to. If …

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