telegram bot with mysql

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telegram bot with mysql

Integrate MySQL, Telegram Bot with these services. Note: Seems you are using an AdBlock. That’s fine, you can still use Integromat, but please, be aware, that since AdBlock not only blocks ads, it may break some of our functions.

Hi, I could not find any good answer using Google. I’ve made a Telegram bot linked to a webhook itself linked
with a MySQL db. I cannot bring to Telegram the results of the queries made to the db. Nothing happen in …

13 Des 2017 … Telegram merupakan salah satu social media yang menyediakan fitur bot. bot
sendiri merupakan … Messaging API dari Telegram dan mengkoneksikannya pada sebuah database (MySQL)

check your comparison if($rowcount = 0){ use double equal ==.

14 Jan 2018 … I’m working on a shopping telegram bot written in laravel used by irazasyed/telegram-bot-sdk
package. I know that how to implement keyboards , inline queries and get update messages. But what I …

25 Aug 2016 … Hi all, after minimal inspection of the source code, i found two things: Why “bot api” contain
SQL queries, and refers to “Mysql”? (i know “getUpdate” works only with storage) Source files: src/DB …

Connect Telegram Bot and MySQL with APIANT, an iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service. APIANT offers
cloud & self-hosted app and data integration solutions for businesses of all sizes. Complete integrations in …

I’m working to a Telegram bot and I want to insert a string, which is a string of a message, into
the database, but it … We’re using MariaDB system which may be slight different from traditional MySQL.

PHP & Mobile App Development Projects for $250 – $750. Create a Telegram Bot to query a MySql backend
and return the records associated with a unique identifier the user enters on Telegram. If no record is found …

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