telegram bot welcome message

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telegram bot welcome message

24 Mar 2017 … Add a bot to help with this function. You can use this here, which is quite simple.

You need to implement the /start command in your bot realization – set the welcome message.
And you should describe this command in chat with @BotFather via /setcommands for your bot. After that …

5 Aug 2015 … This is my second article after the one allowing you to automate a Telegram bot. This one is
about … To set a welcome message to your bot, use /setabout inside your bot, followed by your text. It will also

A bot can receive new chat member then send the welcome message – Too-Naive/WelcomeBot-Telegram.

Telegram Welcome Bot. Simple Telegram bot that sends a welcome message to new members Created by
Dani Guardiola. Features. Welcomes new members to a group; Message can be changed with the …

26 Jul 2018 … Dear members I have created a Simple bot in telegram and added to my private group. and
connected to google drive – google script using webhook. I.

Welcome Bot. Welcome Bot – Social networks bot for Telegram. Welcomes everyone that enters a group chat
that this bot is a part of. Custom messages are possible. Get this bot on. Telegram. Like this bot ? Like/Share it!

Just go to the «Messenger» tab in your page settings and turn on «welcome message», then enter the text you
want to see in the «get started» screen of your bot.

Hi, I want to create a custom welcome message Bitburg I have 0% coding skills. Is
there any way I can still create one or maybe are there any…

19 Jun 2017 … Check out the 20 best Telegram bots—and what makes them so great. … Set it as an
administrator, and it’ll help you moderate your group and perform other useful tasks (like setting a welcome …

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