telegram bot utf-8

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telegram bot utf-8

4 Jun 2017 … Required Information Operating system: CentOS 6.x PHP version: 5.6 PHP Telegram Bot
version: 0.44.1 Using MySQL database: no MySQL version: Update Method: Webhook Self-signed …

9 Aug 2015 … File “/base/data/home/apps/s~research-bot-for-telegram/1.386316310470646493/venv/Lib/
site-packages/telegram/bot. …. Uhm, so here is what happens, Telegram API only supports UTF-8, but Python

6 Dec 2015 … I get this error for many times: TelegramBotExceptionsTelegramResponseException [Error]:
Bad Request: text must be in utf-8 request: {“update_id”:1111,”message”:{“message_id”:1111 …

23 Sep 2016 … When I send a message with inline keyboard containing string ” ^^ Ŋ ɨოム Sʊŋ ^^” UTF-8
encoded as: …

As I am an Iranian, I’ve used Persian language in my bot for messages that bot sends to user. But because of
using Persian letters in message, I get this error: | Bad Request: message text must be encoded in UTF-8.

… $entities) { $URLs = []; //$message_encode = iconv(‘utf-8’, ‘utf-16le’, $message); //or utf-16 $
message_encode = mb_convert_encoding($message, “UTF-16”, “UTF-8”); //or utf-16le foreach ($entities as …

The Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram. To learn
how to create ….. For text messages, the actual UTF-8 text of the message, 0-4096 characters. entities, Array of

So I keep getting errors back from telegram about my strings need to be encoded
in utf-8. Java is utf-16 by default but I encoded the strings in…

Sean 的 Telegram 機器人原始碼. … n”, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER => [ ‘Content-Type: application/json; charset
=utf-8’ ] ]); $data = curl_exec($curl); curl_close($curl); $result = json_decode($data, true); if …

22 May 2018 … DOCTYPE html>. . . . html-telegram-bot-api.
. .
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