telegram bot reply to group

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telegram bot reply to group

BotFather: ‘Enable’ – your bot will only receive messages that either start with the ‘/’ symbol or mention the bot
by username. ‘Disable’ – your bot will receive all messages that people send to groups. Current status is: …

16 May 2016 … When using the telegram channel, my bot responds to private messages, but when in a group he doesn’t respond, even when mentioned. /setjoingroups is enabled, and so is /setprivacy , and it is not an inline bot.

6 Mar 2018 … Hello, i am using the simple example echobot and it is working good on a single chat! but how
to listen to group messages? i want my bot to be in a group and reply for every user that post a message in …

5 Aug 2015 … This is my second article after the one allowing you to automate a Telegram bot. This one is
about a new functionality on Paquebot (now known at Chatfuel), that allow to create custom answers to…

Add your bot as an administrator to the group. Start your bot by sending /start@botusername to the group.
Done! The group is now subscribed to your bot’s messages. Note: If you can’t invite your bot to groups, please …

General commands from users (e.g. /start) if the bot was the last bot to send a message to the group. … an
explicit command for bot B or sent via bot C will only be available to bot A. Replies have the highest priority.

Mute the group to get notifications only when people
mention you or reply to your … Create custom tools for any specific needs using our Bot API and Inline Bots.

11 Mar 2016 … When it comes to Telegram groups, the idea to add a bot is very natural. … polls for groups; @
TriviaBot to challenge a group to reply questions; @GithubBot to get notified of pushes for your coders …

2 Jun 2016 … Hi, I’ve got a Telegram bot with all message types enabled, but it doesn’t seem to want to
respond to any messages in groups. I’ve tried disabling privacy on the bot in Telegram, and have tried with …

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