telegram bot invite user

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telegram bot invite user

The bot ability is limited. It can only send and receive messages in a chat conversation and collect some
information about other chat participants. It can not start a new conversation or other client functionality.

21 Sep 2017 … However, there is some documentation at messages.addChatUser which you could read up for adding users using their API.
… What is the way to add more than 200 contacts to a Telegram channel?
… How do I add members in a Telegram group without spam?

10 Jan 2018 … First of all, you need to find our bot in Telegram. To do this, enter the name of the @BitRewardsBot in the search bar. Start our bot by clicking the “Start” button. After the launch of our bot, join our group by Telegram.

9 Jun 2017 … But how would that let me add someone else? I don’t understand how you can add someone
else with just a link and from Telegram Desktop. Not even if it’s a bot, you’d need to tell the bot the link …

I want invite user with the bot api. The User send /invite and the bot add him to the

19 Jun 2017 … One of the best features of Telegram, though, is its bot platform. These best Telegram bots
add a large amount of functionality to the otherwise barebones app, allowing users to play games, listen to …

Will you add X to the Bot API? The bot API is still pretty young. There are … General commands from users (e.g.
/start) if the bot was the last bot to send a message to the group. Messages sent via this bot. Replies to any …

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