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telegram bot inline

Beyond sending commands in private messages or groups, users can interact with your bot via inline queries.
If inline queries are enabled, users can call your bot by typing its username and a query in the text input field …

4 Jan 2016 … Bots became an integral part of Telegram for many users, but communication with them wasn’
t always easy. You had to send them messages in separate chats or add them to your groups. Today we are …

Some inline bots can benefit from an initial
setup process, like connecting them to an account on an external service (e.g., YouTube). We’ve added an …

21 Jun 2016 … Inline Telegram bots are summoned by typing their username in the chat window
and then entering your query: A user doesn’t need to leave a chat to use them.

11 Feb 2016 … Today beloved Telegram Instant Messenger released the inline bots feature, now also
available for the web interface. I believe it’s no more necessary to explain what Telegram bots are, and I

On January the 4th Telegram introduced a new feature for The Bot Platform — Inline Bots. With this new feature
you can interact with bots inline in your chat, besides having them as members! This is a nice feature since …

29 Sep 2016 … I usually look for bots in Telegram Bot Store. You can just type in search query “inline bot”
There’re around 50 English language inline bots.

16 Aug 2017 … Inline Telegram bots are those which can be summoned at will to offer a service in the middle
of a chat session without having to go through the inconvenience of first leaving the chat.With this feature …

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