telegram bot inline query

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telegram bot inline query

Inline Bots. Beyond sending commands in private messages or groups, users can interact with your bot via inline queries. If inline queries are enabled, users can call your bot by typing its username and a query in the text input field in any chat. The query is sent to your bot in an update.

The InlineQueryResult represents one result of an inline query. Telegram clients currently support results of 5 types. The ChosenInlineResult represents a result of an inline query that was chosen by the user and sent to their chat partner.

My Telegram bot do not get answers to inline queries. Here is some of the code that handles
inline queries: urlid = url[‘result’][0][‘inline_query’][‘id’] str(urlid) fromid = url[‘result’][0][‘inline_query …

3 Jan 2016 … def inlinequery(bot, update): if update.inline_query is not None and update.inline_query.
query: query …. that in the telegram bot api documentation: …

A simple to use library to create Telegram Bots in Java – rubenlagus/TelegramBotsExample. … @author Ruben
Bermudez. * @version 1.0. * @brief Handler for inline queries in Raebot. * @date 24 of June of 2015. */.

telegram.InlineQuery. This object represents an incoming inline query. When the user sends an empty query, your bot could return some default or trending results. In Python from is a reserved word, use from_user instead.

11 Feb 2016 … Telegram web docs propose inline mode usage for new kind of bots that can be queried
inside person-to-person or groups chats, responding for a simple, unique query goal (examples: @gif, @vid …

22 Jan 2018 … In Part 3, we’ll modify our bot to reply with Pokedex entries instead: We’ll also respond to
inline queries from any chat, answering with a list of all the Pokemon matching the inline query, sending the …

Package telebot provides a handy wrapper for interactions with Telegram bots. … func (b *Bot)
AnswerInlineQuery(query *Query, response *QueryResponse) error. AnswerInlineQuery sends a response for
a given …

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