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telegram bot golang

Golang bindings for the Telegram Bot API. Contribute to go-telegram-bot-api/telegram-bot-api development by
creating an account on GitHub.

Telebot is a Telegram bot framework in Go. Contribute to tucnak/telebot development by creating an account
on GitHub.

19 May 2017 … Developing Telegram bot could be a good exercise while learning a programming language, it’s definitely fun and you can build something useful for you.
… Here I’ll show a quick introduction to the simple go framework for bot development:
First, you have to …

Package tgbotapi has functions and types used for interacting with the Telegram Bot API.

25 Dec 2016 … This is the first part of the Golang Telegram Bot series. In this series, I’ll show you, with code
samples, how I built a Golang Telegram Bot for my own use. It would listen in and respond in real-time to …

Many members of our community are building bots and libraries and publishing their source code. We collect
these examples here. Ping us on BotSupport if you’ve built a bot and would like to share its code with others.

Following this to get the starter
code. initTelegram() and webhookHandler() are functions to study. Once code is deployed to Heroku, run:.

Getting started. To get the package, execute: go get To import this package, add
the following line to your code: import “”. Refer to it as tgbotapi. For more …

29 авг 2015 … Для этого заходим в Telegram и находим там пользователя @BotFather и отсылаем ему
команду /start, после чего он … Для работы с API будем использовать библиотеку telegram-bot-api.

21 May 2017 … We then create a new Telegram Bot using the supplied bot key, and lastly we do the same
with a … “” “” ) //Client allows you to …

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