telegram bot get user id by username

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telegram bot get user id by username

3 Answers. I believe what you mean by nickname is the username and userid is the unique id as described in the API documentation.It is still possible to do a reverse lookup using a bot. You can use the pwrtelegram bot API to resolve usernames of bots and normal users.

17 Jul 2017 … is there a way to get the user id using the username?

15 Sep 2017 … Hi! I have a value userID in the field in the table. How can I get user @login (username) if I
know the number? Is there any easy way?

30 Sep 2016 … Mea culpa if this is a dumb question and I’m just not able to read telegram’s API correctly. Is
there a way to get a telegram user ID by doing a lookup by their username in a supergroup? I want the bot to …

Get telegram user’s ID by username bot. Contribute to frenchbread/get-telegram-user-id-by-username-bot
development by creating an account on GitHub.

userFull#771095da user:User link:contacts.Link profile_photo:Photo notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings blocked
:Bool real_first_name:string real_last_name:string = UserFull; —functions— users. … id, InputUser …

id ( int ) – Unique identifier for this user or bot. is_bot ( bool ) – True, if this user is a bot; first_name ( str ) –
User’s or bot’s first name. last_name ( str , optional) – User’s or bot’s last name. username ( str , optional …

Hi guys, I noticed that in a group chat, I can get the userId from anyone that sends
a … Unless you’re using inline bots, which can request to open the private conversation (see @vote).

Introduction; Retrieving User Information; Retrieve The User’s First Name; Retrieve The User’s Last Name;
Retrieve The User-ID; Retrieve The Username; Retrieve The Raw User Information; Caching User Information

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