telegram bot edit message

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telegram bot edit message

10 Nov 2017 … Bot Info SDK Platform: Node.js SDK Version: 3.11.0 Active Channels: Telegram Issue
Description Is it possible … nwhitmont changed the title from Is it possible to edit a message bot sent in
Telegram …

2 Sep 2016 … Hi there So this is more of a support issue than a bug. Background: I am successfully adding
buttons to a message which then, by clicking are edited via the function bot.editMessageText – it works like a …

Note that the Message object in this field will not contain further reply_to_message
fields even if it itself is a reply. edit_date, Integer, Optional. Date the message was last edited in Unix time.

On April 9, 2016, Telegram released Bot API 2.0 which allows you to edit message’s text and send new Inline
Keyboards. So, let’s implement it to your bot and see how its beautiful. Now as always open IntelliJ Idea …

The problem is in this part of your code case(“add”): editMessageText($chatId, “should I add?”
); You are not passing the parameters correctly. editMessageText method requires a parameter … Is it possible to edit image messages as well ?
Editing image messages will only let you edit caption. Is it possible to get the source message id in inline query

Hi, I’m currently working on a Telegram Bot that uses Googles API. So I need to
make an OAuth authentication and send an explaining message to…

Edit: TLDR: if a message sent with non-inline buttons (*ReplyKeyboardMarkup*) it
can’t be edited, … So a way to figure out if the bot is blocked without sending a message would also …

telegram.Message¶. class telegram. Message (message_id, from_user, date, chat, forward_from=None, …..
You can only edit messages that the bot sent itself, therefore this method can only be used on the return …

Use this method to edit live location messages sent by the bot or via the bot (for inline bots). A location can be
edited until its live_period expires or editing is explicitly disabled by a call to stopMessageLiveLocationM .

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