telegram bot auto reply

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telegram bot auto reply

19 Mar 2018 … A Telethon client can listen and automatically respond to Telegram events such as incoming messages, contacts coming online or new members in group conversations (docs). In this case, we want to automatically reply to incoming messages saying that we’ll be away for a while.

5 Aug 2015 … How to create your own Telegram bot who answer its users, without coding. Get a bot idea. There are two kind of bots possible: the bots that send you updates (without reactions), and the bots that answer to your messages. Requirements & Installation. The first step is to add a new bot on Paquebot. Create your first …

Create a Telegram bot without coding. Create Bot … Custom commands let your bot reply with a predefined
message or a random message from a list. You can use custom commands to add interactive features to your …

21 Sep 2016 … This tutorial will go through a straightforward set of steps to get a responsive telegram bot up
and running from … Our bot seems to be stupid, in the sense that it can’t really reply or say anything back.

6 Sep 2016 … Bagi sebagian orang—khususnya yang bukan programmer—mungkin akan merasa kesulitan
membuat Bot Telegram… Karena tidak memiliki kemampuan pemrograman/coding. Tapi tenang saja…

18 Jul 2015 … Salah satu fitur yang baru diperkenalkan oleh Telegram adalah bot. ….. Coba skrip
paling sederhana di atas sebelum menambahkan kode custom Anda untuk reply (misalnya Anda …

19 Aug 2015 … i want put a part in my bot that when user want from my bot send new data automatic (with link
or command for active this) when i put a new … how can identify it is the answer of this txet in telegram bot

Fetch updates; Fetch images sent to your Bot; Reply to messages. General code snippets. Post a text message;
Reply to a message; Send a chat action; Requesting location and contact from user. Message Formatting …

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