slack vs telegram bots

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slack vs telegram bots

When comparing Slack vs Telegram, the Slant community recommends Slack for most people. … Having
submitted both feedback and support requests for bot development, I can personally attest that the team takes …

19 Oct 2017 … We chose telegram because of the advanced security features it offered in comparison to
Slack. 1Group-butler: A bot that can be configured to help control flooding, kick/ban users who spam or post …

29 May 2016 … Telegram as THE chat app and potential SLACK competitor …. world of Telegram, this option
also exists, just keep in mind you will need a specific telegram bot to group all your blogs into your account.

27 Dec 2015 … Create bots for any integration you want. Even status updates from your servers can be sent by Telegram. Easy
to implement. Send secret messages (highly encrypted); Have unlimited message history (slack hides old …

Compare Slack vs Telegram head-to-head across pricing, user satisfaction, and features, using
data from actual users.

In the messaging app ranking, Telegram Messenger performs better than Slack. Find out why!

9 Jan 2017 … Encryption Protocols: The Signal Protocol VS Telegram’s MTProto … Telegram, the 100-
million-user app made by social network VK’s founder Pavel Durov, uses its own encryption protocol: MTProto.

Integromat gives you the ability to integrate Slack, Telegram Bot with many other services.

20 Dec 2015 … We stopped using Slack in favor of Telegram, great user experience and not missing any big
feature. … 10K may seem a lot but if you have some bots integrations as we have with github and different …

9 Dec 2016 … Recently we’ve updated bots for Slack and Telegram Messenger. The new version is more
convenient and easier to use. At the same time AppFollow was nominated for a Golden Kitty Awards in the …

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