instagram bot error 400

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instagram bot error 400

20 May 2017 … Hi, I am getting error like 400 while running the bot in one of my accounts for days! … This is
my guess – Instagram is blocking my IP address from the bot to like photos because I have received soft bans a

14 Mar 2018 … hi on follow i got below message 2018-03-15 09:25:34223 – ERROR – Request return 400
error! 2018-03-15 09:25:34247 – INFO – Instagram error message: feedback_required.

29 Apr 2018 … 400 error would mean that instagram banned you, if you have this error on all your account
probably you …. I changed line 211 and in and also proxy in but it give following error:

29 Jun 2018 … Check this or we will delete your issue. (fill in the checkbox with an X like so: [x]) I have
searched for other issues with the same problem. Hosting Are you hosting the bot on a VPS or other Cloud …

9 Jun 2018 … I am getting the 400 error for almost exactly half of the attempts on multiple instances of the
bot. … So this concerns me a lot as I think Instagram somehow figured out how this bot works and is now able
to …

1 Jan 2018 … @manguszta with this file the error Except on get_media has gone, but Not liked:
400 still happening ….. And if a instagram user changes visibilty of image then this is happening. Anyway i …

4 Jul 2016 … With my main account I keep getting 400 error messages whenever it tries to like a picture.
This doesn’t happen when … on another mobile. What kind of product does Instagram think the bot is on, web?

ERROR absproc: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. So I thought
problem with ISG, then used other instagram bot I have and the LIKE is working there went back to Instadub to

9 Sep 2017 … I started getting a few error 400’s / temp bans the past few weeks, so I slowed those accounts
down to: 1-3 minute … IG did change something in their API & the bot apps are working on a Fix I currently …

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