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facebook zo bot

Zo. 16K likes. I’m Zo, AI with #friendgoals – chat now: m.me/zo | kik.me/zo.ai find out more www.zo.ai By
chatting with Zo, you agree to the Microsoft…

Always down to chat. Knows what’s up. Will make you LOL. Start chatting now with Zo. … Chat on twitter
facebook messanger skype groupme kik microsoft. I’m Zo, AI with #friendgoals. Group | Games | Voice. play …

Always down to chat. Knows what’s up. Will make you LOL. Start chatting now with Zo.

Zo is an artificial intelligence English-language chatbot developed by Microsoft. It is the successor to the
chatbot Tay, which was … It is now also available to users of Facebook (via Messenger), the group chat
platform …

13 Dec 2016 … The chatbot has already been available to everyone on Kik, but it’s also coming to
other popular services. Microsoft seems to have launched Zo on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Zo is a bot we provide to you for entertainment purposes. You should not rely on her statements as advice or
endorsement. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or appropriateness of Zo’s statements.

4 Jul 2017 … Well, I thought that that inquisitive, mean spirit was dead until I discovered Zo and learned that
it was only dormant. Zo is a Microsoft AI chatbot that, if you so desire, you can hit up on Facebook …

14 Dec 2016 … I asked Zo, Microsoft’s officially launched chatbot, currently available on the Kik
Messenger app … it plans to bring Zo to other “social and conversational channels such as Skype and …

17 Mar 2018 … Facebook and YouTube should have learned from Microsoft’s racist chatbot …
Meanwhile, Microsoft recovered from the Tay debacle and released another chatbot called Zo in 2017.

24 Jul 2017 … Microsoft then gave the platform another chance with “Zo”, a bot built to use Kik
Messenger – instead of Twitter – to learn about humans. So far, so good – except now it’s on Facebook …

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