facebook bot upload image

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facebook bot upload image

Attachment Upload API Reference. The Attachment Upload API allows you to upload assets that can be sent in
messages at a later time. This allows you to avoid the need to upload commonly used files multiple times.

Many types of unstructured content can be sent with the Messenger Platform, including text, audio, images,
video, and … All messages are sent by submitting a POST request to the Send API with your page access token

The media template can be sent via the Send API and from the Messenger webview with the Messenger
Extension … To send an image, send a POST request to the Send API, with the following payload property in
the …

The upload call will respond back an attachment_id which can be used to send the
attachment to the user … For now, the only way to send images with Facebook bot, is “image_url” with your’s
image …

17 Jan 2017 … Within the facebook documentation the following curl command curl -F ‘recipient={“id”:”
USER_ID”}’ -F ‘message={“attachment”:{“type”:”image”, “payload”:{}}}’ -F ‘filedata=@/tmp/shirt …

24 Jul 2017 … Messaging platforms, such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger, are massive advocates of
chatbots. … for displaying the send , Upload Image buttons and the history of messages sent in the chatbot.

12 Jun 2018 … This means doing the exact same GET/POST requests and tricking Facebook into thinking we’
re accessing the … File or image: Set field attachment to a readable stream or an array of readable streams.

15 Jun 2016 … The Facebook Page is the “identity” of your bot, including the name and image that appears
when … First we load in the JSON POST data that’s sent to the webhook from Facebook whenever a new …

This was our way how we developed our Facebook Messenger chatbot with image recognition (see details
here: We have developed plant identification bot) 1. At first you need to handle the Facebook’s callback to https

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