facebook bot not working

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facebook bot not working

Go to App Review, you will be seeing an option to make the bot public, turn it to Yes and it’s done. When your app is in Development Mode, plugin and API functionality will only work for admins, developers and testers of the app. … go to your app dashboard in roles and add your friend as testers to the app.

To be sure, go to developers.facebook.com and select your app from the drop-down section. Click the Roles section from the menu on the left hand side. If you are an administrator, you will be listed at the top under the Administrators section. Not an admin, but still need to test a messenger bot?

27 Mar 2018 … … Messenger experiences. As you may have already heard, Facebook is working hard to… …
If your Facebook page does not currently have a bot, you will not be able to add one. If your Facebook page …

1 Jun 2016 … Facebook Messenger implementation using a new api and webhooks seemed very … What is
more the message stands on the page whether it has a bot or not so is pretty confusing to have a message …

Apps that are not submitted by this date will automatically lose the pages_messaging permission. When you
are ready to release your bot to the public, you must submit it to our team for review and approval. This review …

You can also build bots that can converse with people in Work Chat, providing information in real time, … If you
are not an admin of your Workplace community, you will need to work with an admin in order to build a bot.

9 Apr 2018 … I recently enabled Facebook messenger integration and configured it as per the documents. It
was working fine until today in the morning, but now the integration bot is not forwarding messages to my …

19 Oct 2016 … Hi i have made a facebook messenger bot successfully but problem is it only replied me not …
When your app is in Development Mode, your bot will work for admins, developers and testers of the app.

22 Mar 2017 … Bot not working on fb messenger but works perfectly fine on slack and skype. My bot name is

20 Mar 2017 … Facebook chatbots have been a disappointment, here are three ways in which they and you
can improve your chatbot significantly.

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