facebook bot get started

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facebook bot get started

A bot’s welcome screen can display a Get Started button. When this button is tapped, the Messenger Platform will send a messaging_postbacks event to your webhook. Bots that add the button may also wish to configure their greeting text.

A Facebook app is the connection between everything Messenger and your webhook. Connect your webhook to your app, subscribe your app to receive webhook events for a Page, and you are ready to start building an awesome Messenger experience. Follow our quick start to build your first bot only in ten minutes!

The welcome screen includes a ‘get started’ button, which starts a conversation with your Messenger bot when it is tapped. When a person taps the ‘get started’ button, the message ‘get started’ will be posted into the conversation, and your bot is then granted permission to send messages.

Before you build your first Messenger bot, start by setting up the credentials for your
app. 1. Set Up Your Facebook App. If you have not already, follow our app setup guide to set up your …

2 Mar 2017 … Bots are on their way to become the new apps and Facebook is constantly improving its
messenger platform to support app like interfaces and other features so developers can build messenger bots

17 Mar 2017 … Interested in building your first Facebook Bot? Let’s get started! Facebook Bot source code is
now available on GitHub. Introduction: Facebook Bot is an automated software program that is designed to …

5 Dec 2016 … Hi there, let’s get started! You’re now talking to the super cool Wine Tasting bot. �� . A very
informal message with only two possibilities: Book a Wine Tasting. Leave the bot chat and talk with a human.

From the FB Messenger Docs: There are certain conditions to seeing the Welcome Screen
and the Get Started button: They are only rendered the first time the user interacts with the Page on Messenger

25 Apr 2016 … Read this tutorial and learn how to get started on a bot that will do just that. … This
tutorial will show you how to setup and deploy a simple Facebook Messenger Bot, using the Messenger …

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