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article generator github

Article Generator. Text Article generation using LSTM network. Character level Language model has been
implemented for the sequence generation task. The model was trained on Sonnets written by Shakespeare for
60 …

UPDATE: This is not fake news, I actually took the entire project down. This started as an innocent way to make
a beloved high school activity more enjoyable. But fake news is now like a thing, and I didn’t want to …

Article Generator A basic python experiment stuctured modularly to extend functionality -reads in urls
from a text file (optionally passed as an argument) -default case only recognizes patterns for foxnews, …

article.parse() >>> article.authors [‘Leigh Ann Caldwell’, ‘John Honway’] >>> article.publish_date datetime.
datetime(2013, 12, 30, 0, 0) >>> article.text ‘Washington (CNN) — Not everyone subscribes to …

Able to train on and generate text at either the character-level or word-level. Able to configure RNN size, the
number of RNN layers, and whether to use bidirectional RNNs. Able to train on any generic input text file, …

20 Mar 2014 … Simple article generator. Contribute to wpf500/guarbot development by creating an account
on GitHub.

8 May 2015 … An automatic paper generator. Contribute to strib/scigen development by creating an account
on GitHub.

Automatically generate headlines to short articles. Twitter followers. This project attempts to reproduce the
results in the paper: Generating News Headlines with Recurrent Neural Networks …

ZombieWriter is a Ruby gem that will enable users to generate news articles by aggregating paragraphs from
other sources. – tra38/ZombieWriter.

Contains the full source for my article about implementing a code generator with libclang. – sztomi/code-

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