world war two blitz facts

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world war two blitz facts

6 Sep 2015 … To celebrate that iron resolve we reveal 40 fascinating facts about one of the most
stirring episodes in our history… … 6 The word Blitz came from the German word blitzkrieg or “lightning war”.

This article is part of our larger educational resource on World War Two. For a comprehensive list of World War
2 facts, including the primary actors in the war, causes, a comprehensive timeline, and bibliography, click …

The Blitz. The Blitz was Nazi Germany’s sustained aerial bombing campaign against Britain in World War Two. The raids killed 43,000 civilians and lasted for eight months, petering out when Hitler began to focus on his plans for Russian invasion in May 1941.

9 Aug 2018 … What follows are 10 facts about both the German Blitzkrieg and the Allied bombing of
Germany. … years after the end of World War Two in the programme The Luftwaffe Ace and the Spitfire on

Blitz is a shorten form of the German word ‘Blitzkrieg’ (lightning war). On the 7th September, 1940 the German air force changed its strategy of bombing the British air force (Battle of Britain) and began to concentrate on bombing London. Nearly 2,000 people were killed or wounded in London’s first night of the Blitz.

The Blitz. The Blitz, (September 1940–May 1941), nighttime bombing raids against London and other British cities by Nazi Germany during World War II. The raids followed the failure of the German Luftwaffe to defeat Britain’s Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain (July–September 1940).

The Blitz is the title given to the German bombing campaign on British cities during World War Two. However,
the term ‘Blitz’ is more commonly used for the bombing campaign against London. After the failure of the …

The Blitz was a German bombing offensive against Britain in 1940 and 1941, during the Second World War.
The term was first …. This fact had important implications. It showed the extent to which Hitler personally
mistook …

24 Dec 2016 … The Blitz devastated large parts of Great Britain between September 1940 and May 1941,
killing and … WW2: A Layman’s Guide Want to know the facts and discover the why/who/what/when of WW2 …

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