whatsapp spam bot javascript

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whatsapp spam bot javascript

control + shift + j to open console and paste. var count = 10; //number of times to send. var message = “spam
message nr “; //spam message. var i = 0;. var nr = prompt(“How many messages do you want to send …

rebootcode/whatsappspam.js forked from flaredragon/whatsappspam.js. Created 7 months ago. Embed. What
would you like to do? … Download ZIP · Code Revisions 1. Whatsapp Spam Bot. Raw. whatsappspam.js …

Simple WhatsApp Web Spam Bot written by Pablode. Use with love <3. Do not act reckless. ... write "javascript:" and paste (Ctrl+V) this script. Visit WhatsApp Web, select your. desired contact and click the ...

17 Sep 2016 … A Spambot for WhatsApps webbased version written in javascript. … its content into your
console (accessible in chrome by pressing F12) when on web.whatsapp.com and the right chat was selected.

==UserScript== // @name w8pp spammer. // @namespace http://tampermonkey.net/. // @version 0.1. // @
description try to take over the world! // @author You. // @match https://web.whatsapp.com/. // @grant none.

This is the first Version of the Message-Bot for Whatsapp. In this Version you can type a message and spam it
to the selected chat how often you want. The cool thing about this Bot is that the UI is binded to the Whatsapp …

Whatsapp Spam Bot ….