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whatsapp bot vote

29 Apr 2016 … I’ve built Polltime specifically to create text based polls, and these work great in WhatsApp and similar apps.
You can create and send a poll like this easily – What’s your favorite emoji? ——————- So much joy …

WhatsApp Bot that helps you and your friends to organize Votes in WhatsApp groups … Once joined, VotesApp
will listen to the Keywords, in , out , yes , no to count votes and status to give the names of the people which …

Opinions, trends and images: Our Poll Bot is a fast, simple way to get user feedback. Just use the
bot to publish your survey(s), generate answers and even share the results with your customers. Market …

Make online surveys or polls for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or embed a poll in a webs, blog or forum.
Our online poll maker can also be use to vote on the preferred date or place of an event for example.

6 May 2018 … Hike messenger allows up to 1000 users to vote in the poll from within the group. … (like
PollBot, Max) within Telegram or third party apps (like Pollsez) for WhatsApp as bots are not allowed in …

30 Mar 2016 … For most of us, WhatsApp has become the default go-to messenger.

Upvote this post if you would like Whatsapp to bring in the option of polls in group
chats. … Also for friendly, family group chats where we need to vote something or even otherwise. Polls are …

It would be an awesome feature if the devs over at Whatsapp introduced a way (
using polls) for Whatsapp groups to vote on stuff. Everyone in the…

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