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1 Feb 2016 … You can get the amswer from the people in the front. However,you can have a try the favourable platform —Bot
Creator ,which is developed by WhiteHatBox company,which always developing social medil marketing …

4 Jul 2017 … There are some bugs in that bot but it is good then DUTA which is been used by many people
. You may also like WhatsApp BOT Duta Which Gives News, Updates and Helps us For Free. Nowadays and …

PHP & HTML Projects for $1500 – $3000. i will like to create a whatsapp bot like duta that offers automatic sport
news. gists and games…

21 Jun 2015 … After the famous Hike Natasha and Rajnikant Virtual Assistant, its time to get your Whatsapp
Bot! Yes, you are … YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: The Hottest SmartPhones of 2015 in unbelievable discounts.

26 Sep 2016 … WA chat bot does this job for you like duta. It will automatically respond to predefined
messages, which contain some words or equal a message. You can set custom responses for different

Today, we are going to tell you about a WhatsApp bot created to bring search engine-like feature to
WhatsApp. This WhatsApp search engine bot is created by Duta.in and it allows you to access some internet …

30 Mar 2016 … Today we are going to share about the WAbot about his features and it is the personal bot
which talks with you and he is having the full information and it is not like duta which spams in groups, but it is …

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