simple sentence with audience

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simple sentence with audience

Study vocabulary in context. Many of the sentences have audio, too.

Study vocabulary in context. Many of the sentences have audio, too.

Audience Sentence Examples. The pope frequently received him in private audience. The audience, composed of students and townspeople, interrupted him with the cry “Quid de anima.” Prince Vasili sternly declaimed, looking round at his audience as if to inquire whether anyone had anything to say to the contrary.

13 Dec 2016 … 209+73 sentence examples: 1. He explains things without condescending to his audience. 2.
He glanced about to make sure that the audience were ready to hear his speech. 3. He had the audience …

Examples of audience in a Sentence. The concert attracted a large audience. The audience clapped and cheered. Her audience is made up mostly of young women.

Definition of Audience. a group of viewers or spectators. Examples of Audience in a sentence. Bowing
gracefully in front of the audience, the ballerina beamed ear to ear as the attendees shouted for an encore.

example sentences for audience, The play was really boring; half the audience fell asleep.

ME & OFr < L audientia, a hearing, listening < audiens, prp. of audire, to hear < IE *awiz-dh-io < base *awis-, to perceive physically, grasp > aesthete. Example sentences containing ‘audience’.

Target audience definition: the target audience of a programme is the group of people that the
programme-makers are… | Meaning … Example sentences containing ‘target audience’. These examples have

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