simple installer for windows

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simple installer for windows

12 Oct 2017 … However, it is not the only good software out there for creating Windows installers.
In this article, I’m going to mention a couple of other free and paid (though much cheaper) utilities you …

8 Nov 2011 … You can create a single installer file using just Visual Studio 2017 Pro and Windows in 3 steps: To have an entry in the Add/Remove Programs, you need to have a setup project. The setup project may compile into 2 files: *.msi and setup.exe. To create a self-extracting package, you can use the IExpress tool.

Install Simple also lets you provide system requirements. You can explicitly specify the versions on Windows on which your software will work, or simply specify that it works on all versions. Once everything is done, Install Simple will create an installer. You can distribute this installer via any medium you want.

21 Jun 2013 … For some, a simple zip file or self-extracting archive is more than sufficient to get
the job done. Presentation is key, however, and a solid software installation experience is one of the first …

5 Jan 2015 … List of free Installer creator and builder software for Windows. These setup file … It
is a scripted Installer creator so you can create both easy and visibly complex installers. The program does …

InstallForge is a very easy-to-use, free and flexible tool for creating fast setup packages for Windows. … Get rid
of script based or other complex and time-consuming installation creators and let InstallForge demonstrate …

Advanced Installer is a Windows installer authoring tool for installing, updating, and configuring your products
safely, securely, and reliably. … Powerful and easy-to-use. Advanced Installer is a Windows installer …

A step by step tutorial describing the creation of the simplest possible Windows Installer MSI package, using
Advanced Installer.

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