secondary audience simple definition

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secondary audience simple definition

Secondary Target Audience Definition. A secondary target audience is simply the second most important consumer segment you’d like to target. … Sometimes a secondary target audience is simply an audience that is too small to constitute a large enough group to make a dent in your business’s bottom line.

Definition of secondary audience: People that may exert an influence on the primary audience, such as
children, spouses, associates, friends, neighbors, etc.

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY AUDIENCES. Primary audiences are those who receive the communication
directly. Secondary, or “hidden”, audiences include anyone who may indirectly receive a copy of the …

“secondary audience” in Business English. secondary audience noun [ C ] uk ​ us ​ MARKETING. people who are not likely to buy a product but can influence the decisions of those who will: The teaching staff are the secondary audience who may recommend the textbook to their students.

26 Nov 2013 … Understood both primary & secondary audiences. Understand the differences between the 2
types of audiences. Be able to give examples for each. Understand active viewing in audiences. Be able to …

3 Oct 2014 … For simple, routine messages, it is not necessary to analyze your audience in depth. … knows
about the subject, the less technical your document should be and all terms should be clearly defined.

A target audience is generally associated with a business’s marketing message, which highlights advantages and benefits of a business’s product or service. Examples of a target audience are “company employees, society as a whole, media officials, or a variety of other groups” (Tambien, E., n.d.).

An audience is a group of people who participate in a show or encounter a work of art, literature theatre, music
video games (in …. In creating a rhetorical text, a rhetor imagines is the target audience, a group of …

Media producers define and categorise their audience through demographic profiles. A demographic audience
profile defines groups based on things like age, gender, income, education and occupation. An infographic …

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