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kiwi blitz steffi

Steffi Frohlich is the protagonist of Kiwi Blitz. She is an enthusiatic teenage girl who begins to fight crime using
a mech named Kiwibot. She uses “Blitz” as a superhero identity. Steffi is the daughter of Mecha Machen …

The Heroes The main character of Kiwi Blitz, a 14 year old girl who decides to become a superhero out of
boredom, at least at first. She pilots the Kiwibot …

Kiwi Blitz is a webcomic by Mary Cagle (known elsewhere on the net as one of a number of variations of “Cube
… Allergic to Routine: Steffi, Gear, and even Raccoon seem to be motivated by boredom to some extent.

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Find and follow posts tagged kiwi blitz on Tumblr. … #I have a lot of love for Steffi in particular bc she’s sort of
startlingly similar to one of my own OCs that I’ve had for a few years#like right down to the pink n green :P#but …

26 Oct 2016 … But Steffi has never been one to listen to common sense. With the help of 42 (an illegal robot)
and The Raccoon (a wanted burglar), Steffi takes on crime as Kiwi Blitz. But after a friend on the NYPD …

9 Nov 2014 … an excuse to draw big hands and big feet on other characters from that
comic Kiwi Blitz: Steffi and Benzene.

Kiwi Blitz is a comic about what happens when you combine superhero aspirations with mecha availability.
Steffi’s the hero nobody asked for, and she’s going to make it work no matter what!

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