instagram bot settings

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instagram bot settings

7 Mar 2018 … What a bot does is interact with other people’s Instagram accounts so you don’t have to do it
manually. … They manage every step in the automation process for you by setting up your audience targets …

20 Nov 2016 … Unfollow Settings. We need to unfollow because Instagram only allows us a maximum of
7,500 following. Personally, I follow and unfollow on the same day and I try to limit to 4,000 following. Reason
is …

15 Sep 2017 … What is everyones settings for their instagram bot? How many do you follow/unfollow an hour.
Delays… How many accounts/proxies etc.

Standard use with custom tags: bot = InstaBot(‘login’, ‘password’, tag_list=[‘with’, ‘your’, ‘tag’]) bot.auto_mod().
Standard use with change default settings (you should know what you do!): bot = InstaBot …

16 Oct 2016 … Just wondering what you guys are using for the settings and how good your results are?
Using the defaults on mode 0 … Or since this is an Instagram bot everyone using it will definitely be on
Instagram …

12 Nov 2017 … How to use a Instagram Bot and Best Practices for to get results! … We will
always recommend you to add more than 10 different neutral comments in your settings if you use
Autocomment …

10 Apr 2017 … How I setup an Instagram Bot after 6 months of studying Python. I have spent roughly the last
6 months teaching myself Python on the weekends(~4–6 hours) and after work (~2 hours). I used YouTube …

19 Dec 2017 … Here’s my recommended Instagram follow settings when using the social media automation
tool: … as they’re likely to be bots, I chose to follow only users whose followers/following ratio is smaller than …

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