instagram bot experience

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instagram bot experience

7 Mar 2018 … From my personal experience growing accounts like @pinlord, @potteryforall, @
pleasantlygreen, @macramemakers and many others, it’s possible to automate certain interactions on
Instagram that …

11 Oct 2017 … Brands should not use Instagram automation (i.e. bots) to like or comment on their
behalf. Here’s why.

6 Apr 2017 … In the world of Instagram, there is a practice known as botting — and I hate it. For the
uninitiated, botting is the process of tying your Instagram account to a wide variety of automation software,
which …

8 Feb 2018 … I’ll start by saying I’m relatively new to using bots on social media however I’ve always had a
fascination with automation, I’ve tested a few bots over the past 6 months and not had much success, my …

27 Sep 2017 … Dear BHW Instagram bot users, could you share your experience with bots that you are
currently using and suggest some bots that can do following:…

21 Nov 2017 … Over the last year or so, I have launched nearly a dozen side projects (most of which are on
my Product Hunt profile). While not every project has been a wild success, I have picked up a number of…

4 May 2017 … Check out the pros & cons of auto like bots, auto follow bots, & Instagram
automation. … Around the same time, a lot of people started to experience what we’re now calling a “
shadowban” …

It’s a very bad idea to use bots on instagram. Of course, the first impression is that they bring traffic, likes, and
engagement even, but after w while you will notice few things: * algorithm will hide your posts from the …

3 Apr 2017 … A few months ago, I started a side project to learn Python and Selenium WebDriver at the
same time. I just wanted to see whether I could get a few Instagram followers. But when I first ran the script, I
was …

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