facebook bot what would i say

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facebook bot what would i say

what would i say automatically generates Facebook posts that sound like you!

What Would I Say automatically generates Facebook posts that sound like you! play.google.com. Like
CommentShare. Most Relevant …. Would I Say? · November 12, 2013 · Princeton, NJ ·. What’s your favorite bot

12 Nov 2013 … If someone took all your Facebook posts and tossed them into one big word salad,
what kind of salad would it be? Will Oremus. Will Oremus is Slate’s senior technology writer. Email him at …

13 Nov 2013 … What would I say? turns users into a ‘bot’, generating statuses on their behalf with
often surreal and/or nonsensical results.

14 Nov 2013 … If you’ve often wondered what you’d post online if you were a bot, first of all, that’s
depressing as hell, but second of all — you no longer have to wonder. A new bot called What Would I …

19 Apr 2016 … The recent release of bots for Facebook Messenger came with the option to shop
via a bot. … Conversational commerce is the result of a shopping bot that, at its theoretical zenith, would …

18 Apr 2018 … Here’s what you need to know about Facebook Messenger bots. … they have with a business
and its products or services; 47% of consumers have already said they would make purchases from a bot.

28 Nov 2017 … Mention the year 2013 to anyone who uses Facebook pages and you’ll likely get the same
response: a groan. That could well be named the Year Organic Reach Died. With the Explore Feed tests and …

8 Sep 2016 … When building and launching a bot, you should ask yourself the following question: Do you
want your bot to … For example, let’s say you own a bakery and you sell delicious bagels in-store and online.

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