facebook bot user id

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facebook bot user id

getUserID(function success(uids) { // User ID was successfully obtained. var psid = uids.psid; }, function … Bots
that transmit the user ID for the purpose of performing an action on the server and require the ability to …

Saat seseorang menggunakan Facebook Login pada situs web atau aplikasi seluler, sebuah ID dibuat untuk
aplikasi … Kami menyediakan API untuk mengambil ID untuk orang yang sama di semua aplikasi dan bot di …

Use the phone number and name you have for an existing customers to find them on Messenger and start a
conversation … Identify a person consistently across every Facebook app and Page you own with ID Matching.

Facebook’s latest update includes a new “Account Linking” functionality that appears to solve
this issue. See https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/account-linking.

16 May 2016 … We get a page-scoped user-id from Messenger, so we can’t match existing users with their
app-scoped user-id, even though we are using the same FB App for Facebook Login and Messenger Bot …

14 Jul 2016 … Hi, I am trying to use the facebook user id to get additional user information, but the user id
returned … It is because the Messenger platform creates a page-scoped id for each user for every page/bot
they …

Hi Guys, I am having trouble getting my desired response when integrating my facebook bot
with bubble. I am using a regular Bubble Get API with a parameter specifying the facebook id of the user the …

11 Oct 2016 … I just had a look at remixz messenger bot template. You can do a get request to: [code]https://
graph.facebook.com/v2.6/${payload.sender.id} [/code]With you access token and desired fields …

An easier way to link accounts in your bot. … Match the {{messenger user id}} attribute to your website’s logged
in users; Utilize users’ preferences from your website to fine-tune the bot’s experience; Pass back users’ …

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