facebook bot ruby

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facebook bot ruby

bot.rb require ‘facebook/messenger’ include Facebook::Messenger Bot.on :message do |message| message.id
# => ‘mid.1457764197618:41d102a3e1ae206a38’ message.sender # => { ‘id …

codebeat badge. A simple library for supporting implementation of Facebook Messenger Bot in Ruby on Rails.
… Please note that unsuccessful send will be shown in logs as Facebook API response from invalid request: .

16 Dec 2016 … This tutorial assumes you already have a usual Ruby environment installed on your machine
and you are aware of the brave new world Ruby gems give us. Here’s a preview of what we are going to build …

14 Oct 2016 … In any case, I’m going to walk you through creating your first bot using Ruby on Rails. The
entire project can be found on Github. I think working with Rails works out well because you have all you …

11 Jul 2017 … Interface atau frontend untuk chatbot yang cukup mudah dibangun (API, dokumentasi dan
resourcenya banyak tersedia) salah satunya adalah Facebook Messenger. Mengembangkan oprekan yang …

24 Apr 2017 … This is an example on how you can build a Weather Chatbot on Facebook platform, using
Ruby on Rails and API.AI Go to https://console.api.ai and register an account for you. Please note Api.ai …

5 Dec 2016 … How to create your first Facebook Messenger Bot. 🤖. A simple tutorial to create a Chatbot
using Ruby on Rails and Facebook Messenger, step by step. Facebook now allows bots to talk to users.

facebook-bot 0.1.3. Very easy Ruby on Rails Client for the Facebook Messenger Platform[bot]. Versions: 0.1.3 –
April 16, 2016 (9 KB); 0.1.2 – April 16, 2016 (9 KB); 0.1.1 – April 15, 2016 (9 KB); 0.1.0 – April 15 …

9 May 2016 … Test the most effective and useful Ruby on Rails gem for Facebook Messenger.
Created with love by Netguru.

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