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bot facebook share

The #1 Social Network Automation Bot for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.

Automate your Facebook activity to get new fans and increase your friends, likes, comments, and shares.
Somiibo Facebook is free!

To enable this, the Messenger Platform offers features that allow you to more explicitly begin sharing flows both
in-conversation … Users can tap your bot’s name from the top toolbar, then tap “Share” to share your bot.

Sharing is an important part of the Messenger experience, so we made it easy to enable the people your bot
interacts with to share the pages you display in the Messenger webview. This creates a great opportunity for …

This tutorial will help you to find and attract a new audience with the help of your loyal subscribers or even
make your content go viral. ManyChat doesn’t have a bot sharing feature in Messenger yet. But actually, there
is …

A chatbot is basically marketing through Facebook Messenger. Our approach to marketing in general is to give
value and teach our audience something useful before we ever sell. But the problem is that if I want to tell my …

A big problem with messenger chatbots is the fact that it is hard to discover them. So the best marketing is word
of mouth from guess who… your loyal subscribers! There’s a hidden feature that ManyChat does not do a …

The Share Button enables people to share your bot’s content in Messenger.

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