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911 bot facebook

911 BOT. By IL911info · Updated about 5 years ago. Illinois 9-1-1 Education Mascot *911 Bot* … IL911info
Committee members worked hard this year to incorporate a new mascot for 9-1-1 Education in Illinois. Manage

9 May 2016 … The 911bot allows you to alert emergency personnel when you need help by typing in
information, sharing photos, and responding to questions via Facebook Messenger. The bot was created at …

8 May 2016 … 911bot, a product built at the Disrupt Hackathon here in New York, aims to help you out in a
pinch. The Facebook Messenger-based chat bot lets you report emergencies to the authorities through a quick

Online Emergency Response Center for OFW’s Worldwide.

8 May 2016 … We are now living in the age of chat bots. Whether they be tied to apps like Slack
or Facebook Messenger, chat bots have eliminated the need for users to take.

9 May 2016 … Immediately turning to Facebook in the wake of a terrible accident is a very strange concept,
but a new Facebook Messenger bot is aiming to change that. The 911bot, which bills itself somewhat …

9 May 2016 … 911bot lets you use Facebook to report 911 emergencies. … While 911 bot assists you, it lets
a 911 operator know about your incident. photo: 911bot. 911bot can show you anything from applying …

8 May 2016 … 911 bot connects you to 911 and passes all the needed information about the case and then
connects the call. In the meanwhile it guides … We built it using meteor.js and the facebook messenger api …

15 Jun 2016 … Proponents of the 911 Bot claim it will make reporting a life-threatening situation as easy as
opening your Facebook Messenger app, while detractors cite the advantages of direct interaction with trained,

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